The Benefits Of SMS Text Marketing Service

SMS Text Marketing services are earning a highly favorable reputation as a form of communication between consumers and businesses. One of the main reasons why this marketing technique is so successful – is because it can be applied to nearly any business out there, large or small. SMS Text Marketing is simple and affordable. It used to be a technology used by only Fortune 500 companies, but not any longer. Small businesses are finding local packages that work very well on a smaller scale. Many marketers already use text marketing; however, there are some out there who are fairly new to this industry. Email marketing jumped to popularity a few years ago and remains a common way to market. SMS text marketing service campaigns can go hand in hand with email marketing, as well as easily be combined with traditional marketing efforts. Here are some tips for getting started.


1. Make your call to action clear: SMS messages are short, but this isn’t to say your message won’t be powerful. Think carefully about what to say in your 160-character limitation that will have the best impact. Give people direction about what to do upon receiving your message. Don’t be vague. Answer the four questions: What? Where? When? Why?

2. Take advantage of 2-way communication: Text messaging services are interactive. This is one of the reasons people love it so much. The reason you are using an SMS campaign is to encourage interaction between customers and your business. Allow them to reply to your texts for more information, or use a keyword for a special promotion.

3. Timing is everything: Don’t send a text message in the middle of the night. This used to work with email because your message would just be there when the customer checks their inbox – but text messages are instant. This can be very beneficial if timed correctly, however you don’t want to come off as intrusive or annoying.


1. Don’t send out irrelevant messages: Segment your database into smaller lists, based on preferences. Now direct your marketing messages to each list, so that people receive marketing text messages that they will appreciate. If people find messages relevant all the time, the success rate is extraordinarily high.

2. Don’t be afraid to add links: Instead of trying to shorten words, or use abbreviations in your 160-characters to squeeze in a message, include a link to direct someone to further details about your business. There is even a cool way to shorten links now, for ease.

3. Don’t over do it: Nobody wants to get text messages from your business every day. In addition to remembering that timing is everything, it also important to space your messages appropriately.

Benefits of using the text messaging services

Not only is SMS Text Marketing great for sending mobile coupons and promotions, but it is a fantastic method of general communication as well. It is easy to understand how to text message acts as a direct marketing tool for some different types of businesses. Restaurants may use it to sell a special or fill the house during slow shifts. A retail store can use this form of marketing to run a sale or send discounts to loyal customers. There are other businesses out there that don’t sell directly. However personal communication with their clients is equally essential.

A real estate agent, for example, uses text to provide listing information to a potential buyer, or they can create mobile business cards letting people know a little more about them and how to reach them. Different industries call for different levels of intimacy when it comes to customer connection and communication. Even some of the same industries can take this in different levels. A fast food restaurant uses a nice combination of efficient speed, freshness, and low cost to nab repeat customers; whereas a fine-dining establishment may provide personalized attention to diet specifications, or take note of special occasions to add to their loyal customer list. Either way, in both instances the bottom line is the same – create a database of repeat business.

Another dimension to SMS text messaging service is the use of it in an office environment. Everyone needs to see a doctor or a dentist, right? People dread these visits because there is always a very long wait in an uncomfortable plastic chair, not to mention the entire of process of making the appointment promptly within the week is a whole other challenge. The dentist could use a text message system within the office to help with patient relationships and organization. Patients would opt-in with their cell phone number to receive messages from the office via text. Now, they can get appointment reminders, conduct cancellations, and confirmations, or even reschedule by using the convenience of text.

No more double bookings, or last minute cancellations are leading to a waste of time for the doctor. This means more efficient and realistic time frames for patients trying to make appointments as well. Overall organization. Plus, post visit – the doctor can notify patients about test results, tell them to schedule a follow-up visit or remind them about prescription refills. Not only does the office boost efficiency with scheduling, but individual patient relationships are kept strong.

Text messaging services goes beyond the simple sale. When people feel like they are connected to you and your business, they will have no reason to go elsewhere. A little communication goes a long way.